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On an ancient journey to rebuild our food system for the future
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"Science can equip us, but we need wisdom & visions to guide us"

Our Philosophy

We need to build our future food system based on ancient wisdom

At Cena, we are convinced that the answer to rebuilding our food systems lies in the combining disruptive high-tech innovation with the wisdom from ancient cultures' relation to food.
"Science can equip us, but we need wisdom & visions to guide us."

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We must serve future generations by a menu of disruptive innovations

At Cena work to do more than bring new food products to the market. We work with innovations that are tailored to the needs of humans today & tomorrow. At best, food should contribute to personal wellbeing, bring people together across communities, and secure the foundation of national security.

We need global scaling with local adaptations

Many foodtech companies are scaling by exporting products and some are even reinventing the wheel by working on innovations that exist elsewhere. At Cena, we advocate scaling innovation with efficient business models such as B2B & third party licensing. In order to do so, we leverage our extensive network across the globe.

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Founder Story

Jacqueline is the founder and owner of Cena Ventures. Before Cena, she worked worked at ICA, Sweden’s largest retailer as strategy manager and then Head of ICA Växa, the innovation Hub for plant-based & food tech. During her work with ICA Växa, Jacqueline was responsible for collaborations within research institutes, start-ups, investors, existing suppliers, & the Swedish farmers association.

Prior to ICA, Jacqueline worked as a strategy consultant in London, interned at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in New York, co-founded a Hydroponics student enterprise via Enactus. She graduated with a first in BSc Management from Cass Business School, London & studied Global Development at Stockholm University

Founder & CEO

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About Cena

Cena Ventures is an advisory firm with the mission to co-create a future of food that's healthy for both our planet & bodies. 

Based out of Stockholm, Cena Ventures collaborates with entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and other actors across the world to accelerate the impact of health-, foodtech innovations

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